Loadpins and load links

Do you know that we manufacture the most reliable loadpins in the world of heavy lifting?

LMP 3_1

All Huisman load pins are constructed from a single bar of high tensile stainless steel with a standardized screw mounted end plate and head cover. Each final load pin will be a SIL2 approved product and can delivered according ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 & 2. The design is tested to endure extreme cold and hot environments. It also meets the requirements of underwater usage. After installation, access to underwater load pins is very limited so they have been designed for optimum reliability.

Loadpins are certified stainless steel measuring pin to determine the weight, push or pull force into construction.
Key specifications
  • Highly accurate
  • Certified for use in Ex-zones 1 & 2
  • Up to IP68 protection class (submerged)
  • SIL2 certified
  • Calibration (in-house) up to 500mt
  • Calibration (on-site) over thousands of tonnes
  • Custom designs according to client´s needs
  • Ability to measure various force directions
  • 3rd party calibration certificate
  • Long term reliability (over 20 years)
Load links are certified stainless steel wireless measuring devices to determine the weight of a load or the pull force.
Key specifications
  • Highly accurate
  • Wireless connection over 200m
  • Up to IP66 (load link) and IP65 (display) protection class
  • Capacity from 150mt to 1000mt
  • Robust design
  • Standard shackles included
  • 3rd party calibration certificate
  • Wide range of use
LMP 4-1
Jiří Hrabovský
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