Exceptional Transports

We can handle shipments of equipment weighing over 200t and lengths of 50m by exceptional road transport


The transport possibilities of Huisman Czech Republic are countless, from transport by road to transport by rail or aeroplane. For transportation by ship, we provide the option to transport huge complex steel structures from Sviadnov to Bratislava (Donau), to Melnik (Elbe) or any of the seaports in Poland and Germany.  Our production location is strategically located near the airports of Prague, Ostrava, Krakow (PL), and Katowice (PL). The airport in Ostrava can accommodate the largest cargo plane in the world with a capacity up to 120t. In addition to these transport options, we offer transport by rail. A railway connects our facility in Sviadnov to several European cities as well to China.

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