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Drilling for sustainable solutions, geothermal can cater for 50% of the world's energy needs

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Demand for smaller onshore drilling rigs is growing. Especially, the market for mobile rigs mounted on trailers is growing as these can be deployed for a wide range of activities, from oil and gas to the more sustainable applications of drilling wells for geothermal projects. Huisman drill rigs are known for its small footprint, fast (de)mobilization and can be delivered as fully automated systems eliminating the need for personnel in danger areas. 

Huisman has also designs available for "skidding" rigs for rapid and cost-saving rig moves.

We can manufacture components, such as top drives, auto slips,  draw works, rotary tables, iron roughnecks, or entire rigs.

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This whitepaper describes the integrated development and application of a retrievable Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI) system, engineered to take directional casing drilling technology to another level!

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