Assembly: Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical

Spacious assembly halls, multi-disciplinary teams, a ‘can-do’ mentality and the relentless urge to make the impossible possible, that’s our recipe for success

Assembly Hall 1

Assembly is at the heart of our operations. We work according to the latest fabrication optimization insights. It is in our assembly workshops where we make the difference for our customers whilst exceeding industry standards and shortening lead-times.

We even produce our own hydraulic hoses and test them according to the chosen industry standard. We are authorized to issue test certificates.

Key specifications
  • Total assembly floor area: 3200 m2
  • Height of assembly hall: 21 m
  • Max. lifting height: 15 m
  • Lifting capacity (West): 6 x 20mT
  • Lifting capacity (East): 6 x 30mT
  • Combined lifting capacity with 4 hooks: 120 mT
  • Highly skilled and experienced team
  • Multi disciplinary trained
  • Lean manufacturing methods
  • Hydraulic testing area
  • Hydraulic cylinder assembly and testing
  • Hydraulic hose production and testing
  • Full range of hydraulic torque tools
  • Hydraulic tension tools
  • All tools are calibrated and certified

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